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Embark on a journey through our meticulously curated collection of brainteaser puzzles at Puzzled®, where every puzzler, from the curious beginner to the adept enthusiast, can find their perfect match. Our unique selection is thoughtfully organized by difficulty level, ensuring you discover a puzzle that aligns with your skill, interest, and desired challenge. Navigate from the ease of Basic puzzles to the formidable intensity of our most challenging categories, and tailor your puzzling adventure to fit your journey. Happy puzzling!

Level 1


Begin your puzzling journey with our Basic puzzles, a gentle introduction to the art of problem-solving. Perfect for beginners or those looking for a quick mental refresh, these puzzles are designed to offer straightforward patterns and solutions that can be solved in 5 minutes or less. An excellent starting point for all ages.

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Level 2


Step up to our Moderate puzzles when you're ready to challenge yourself a bit more. With a good solve time of 15 minutes or less, these puzzles increase in complexity, providing a satisfying session that builds your skills without overwhelming. Ideal for those seeking a rewarding break in their day.

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Level 3


Dive into the engaging world of our Complex puzzles, where intricate patterns and multiple steps offer a deeper challenge. Aim to solve these captivating puzzles in 1 hour or less, perfect for dedicated puzzle enthusiasts looking for a substantial mental exercise in problem-solving.

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Level 4


Embrace the rigor of our Challenging puzzles, designed to test your logic, strategy, and patience. With puzzles that can be solved in 1 day or less, this category offers an immersive puzzling experience that will keep you engaged and determined to find the solution. Suited for those who relish an all-day puzzle-solving adventure.

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Level 5


Prepare for a serious test of your cognitive abilities with our Difficult puzzles. These puzzles, designed to be solved in 2 weeks or less, stretch your problem-solving skills to their limits, requiring thoughtful and persistent effort over days. Ideal for the tenacious puzzler who enjoys a long-term challenge.

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Level 6


Confront our most formidable challenge with the Intense puzzles. These are the zenith of puzzle complexity, offering solve times ranging from months to years—if ever. Crafted for the most dedicated and advanced problem solvers, these puzzles demand an unparalleled level of commitment and skill. A true test for those who seek the ultimate puzzling challenge.

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